Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)

Vet family

Helping Veterans Who are Homeless or At Risk of Homelessness

The SSVF Program helps veteran households (single veterans or veterans and their families) that are currently homeless or at risk of losing their housing. It provides temporary financial assistance and many other services that create stability. Our case managers work closely with SSVF program participants to help ensure that they remain housed after this assistance ends.

Refer Veterans to Our Program

Please call (408) 510-7572 (San Jose) or (408) 539-2165 (Santa Clara) to let us know about
a veteran or family 
who is struggling, and one of our outreach workers will contact them.
You can also hand out our flyer. Thank you for helping!

Our Services are Free and Confidential

Our case managers work with each veteran or veteran family to help them access the following benefits:

  • Housing search assistance
  • Temporary financial assistance for rent, utilities, transportation, childcare, education, and other qualifying services
  • Job coaching and assistance with job search and placement
  • Assistance obtaining VA benefits
  • Assistance obtaining other public benefits
  • Coordination with other resources within the community


  • The veteran may be a single individual, or part of a family in which he/she is the head of household
  • The veteran’s discharge status must be under conditions other than dishonorable
  • The individual or family must be very low income, making less than 50% of the area median income (AMI)
  • Housing status:
    • Currently residing in permanent housing and at risk of losing housing and becoming literally homeless without for SSVF assistance or
    • Currently homeless, scheduled to become a resident of permanent housing within 90 days pending the location of permanent housing or
    • Has exited permanent housing within the previous 90 days in order to seek housing that better fits with needs.


Please call (408) 510-7572 (San Jose) or (408) 539-2165 (Santa Clara).

Learn More

Click here for the SSVF flyer.